Bursary Application

Interested candidates are invited to apply for bursaries by completing the attached application form and sending ALL required supporting documents.

The bursary may include tuition, accommodation & meals as well as books, stationary and tools. The bursary is open for basic education (Grade 0-12) and post school studies including: certificates, diplomas, degrees, trade or other vocational qualifications.

Selection process may include interviews.

NB: Incomplete bursary application forms, or forms without ALL required supporting documents will not be considered. Applicants who already have other sponsors will also not be considered.


Student Education and Skills Development Support:


Sponsorship will be advanced in part or in whole to black South African citizens who are:

  • Employed or unemployed persons seeking to obtain or improve their qualifications at a registered institution (certificate/diploma/degree including trade or vocational qualifications).
  • Learners enrolled at a school (grade 0 to 12).

Award process
Eligible candidates are to apply by completing the attached application form and supplying all supporting documents by the deadline indicated. All applications must be sent to the general manager of the trust (soft or hard copies are acceptable).
The trust general manager will screen, rank and present the applications to the trustees for approval.

Awards will be made according to rank until the available funds are depleted. Successful and unsuccessful applications will be notified of the outcome of their application by the trust general manager. Continued sponsorship for the next level of study will depend on satisfactory academic performance (pass to the next level). Continued sponsorship is not automatic and candidates must apply for each period of sponsorship.

The trust will endeavour to keep to the following time lines:
Applications are open until 30th November. Applicants must submit their final results as soon as they become available, no later than 10 January after which successful candidates will be notified. NB: Proof/quotation of costs applied for must be submitted with the final results.

Selection criteria
Applications will be ranked considering the criteria below. The weighting of each will be determined by the trustees from time to time depending on the areas that require focus at a given time.

  • Relevance to Fuchs talent pipeline needs
  • Relevance to chemical manufacturing industry need
  • Demographic profile – race, gender, SA citizenship
  • Academic performance
  • Financial circumstances

Nature of award
The award may include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Stationary & text books
  • Accommodation & meals
  • School uniforms

Preferred areas of sponsorship

  • Engineering: Mechanical/Chemical/Industrial
  • Chemistry- Analytical
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human resources
  • Sales and marketing
  • IT
  • Supply chain/ Logistics
  • Manufacturing (chemical)
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